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Gratitude to Air, bearing the soaring Swift and the silent Owl at dawn. In looking for your own ways of being creative you can start by celebrating your uniqueness. Light bondage popular novel 16 days ago, We are all different and creativity speaks to each of us in different ways. The mere existence of this lovely wisteria is a celebration of creativity. The Big Dipper points to Polaris, the North Star ever-present compass bearing should we find ourselves lost.

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

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In the modern world especially the West we tend to believe in only what we can experience with our five senses and what we can measure and understand with our mind. This year will mark the fifth anniversary of the seven-week-long attraction. In my own creative work, especially with my writing, I have long been aware of the importance of connecting to the heart; both in the context of finding subjects and themes that make our hearts sing but also creating from the feeling place of the heart, from what we love and care about. I eventually understood that this was how the creative process worked. The energy in the room is huge, almost overwhelming.

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He says the solar sun, which nourishes our Earth, is a reminder of the Great Central Sun, our Source and that we are evolving into individual suns. I tell her that I will paint her and she says remember my essence more than my form. So can reading poetry especially by the poets like the Sufi mystic poets Rumi and Hafiz or by Mary Oliver who expresses constant state of wonder in the natural world. I want the risk of total openness. It is the Earth vehicle and through it the inspiration of the soul may become manifest.
When consciousness is anchored at the heart through intention and practice, the change is dramatic. It links us to our heart and soul with a sense of joyfulness whether we are singing in the shower, cooking a fine meal for dinner guests, planting flowers to color our garden or writing the first draft of a poem. The Masters say to see every occurrence as a mirror for what is in us. Elle a un sacre beau corps avec des seins magnifiques. What keeps us from exercising a sense of creative play more often? As he kept watch, he noticed a star overhead and then a beam of light shining down to the ground from which a beautiful woman emerged.

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