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You made it too easy for you to say "its in the book". I had burst with warmth like a fruit. Its bad enough we have to hear opinion after opinion all through what use to be serious news items. I can understand why she may have not wanted the interview to be reduced to a sound byte on gay marriage, but I really don't see this as being rude at all. You need to respect other people I don' t think Piers was rude at all. Keep it going like this, Piers, and we viewers will never let you leave!


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During the anarchistic attack with machine guns and bombs, Mick was joined by other boys and the coffee-house Girl, who coldly shot the Headmaster Peter Jeffrey between the eyes while he pleaded: Morgan's job to provide a nice white billboard for people to advertise their newest more or less creative endeavors on. She will show her true self away from the cameras. We rolled intertwined down a slope of shadows. You're getting to be known as the Great Master-Debater! She's a perfect example of token puppet public personalities. O'Donnell can't even stand up for her own book she shouldn't have agreed to go the show.

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If you're proud to be gay and not ashamed why avoid it. As has been pointed out earlier in this thread, those not liking CNN should go elsewhere. Keep up the good work Piers. Sure, but O'Donnell has staked out public opinions on all these fronts and it Pierce what were you guys thinking, giving Air time to that lady. But have a look at her. What did that statement have to do with anything?
He was going to lead her and embarrass her and hit her with 'gotcha questions'. Like I said before, I don't like her or her views but I applaud her for walking away from you last night. In what parallel universe is being asked a simple question about a relevant politcal topic that a person used as part of their campaign platform an "abuse" or "trespass"? He should have had some quotes from her book im thinking he did not read it I gather she was there to talk about her book right? Why aren't monkeys still evolving into humans?

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