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He got caught in some sort of trap. I hope that doesn't continue. We need to pass this legislation. The amendment called for negotiation, but if that failed, the president would be required to impose tariffs and take other punitive action that would reduce the trading partner's surplus by 10 percent per year. The Clinton administration is trying to use federal dollars to help districts pay the costs on school construction bonds. Roger Simon The secretary of agriculture believes illegal immigrants help hold down food prices.

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News Latest headlines on the Presidential race. Three pieces of mail have shown up with anthrax. Harris, what about, in terms of finding out where this anthrax came from, do we need more coordination in the scientific community? We need to pass this legislation. He ran for president in , and signalled his shift, according to the Almanac of American Politics, by doing little to advance a tax reform proposal he helped author, and changing his stand on abortion to pro-choice.

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No "magic bullet" for the economy. When you came out with the first information and said that don't worry about this at all, it's nothing more than you would find on the shelf of some small laboratory, that was a mistake. Joe Lieberman Vice Presidential nominee. Does that say to you that, in fact, there are the votes now in the House to pass this and federalize these people, as you and others in the Senate have advocated? Nov Dean sided with Gingrich against Medicare Plan. For the first time since the American-led bombing campaign began across the border in Afghanistan, there have been two major terrorist attacks inside Pakistan, the first occurring this morning at a church in the Punjab region. But yet, no action was taken at the post office.
Jul Disturbed by cynical attitude that government is the problem. Well, let me just ask you this, and, as you well know, here is one of the criticisms that's being leveled at the post office. I think there were many voices; that was part of the problem. The one other element I think is important is to note that this is a transnational threat. Aug Voted YES on making permanent an increase in the child tax credit. Sep Progressive trade policy helps every worker in the world. That's sort of the part that we really need to--need to keep a little bit protected.

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