The Fed: godfather of the greatest con and cover-up

This video is a recording of the Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC News – exposing the banks, the Fed and Congress, framing the Fed as the godfather of the greatest con and cover-up…

The points are:

  • bankers benefit from guaranteed low interest rates from ‘central bank money’ from the Fed
  • banks have no money; they use ‘funny money’
  • banks lend funny money at high interest rates
  • the electorate is ignorant
  • should Congress allow for more power for the Fed?
  • lobbyists hand out huge cheques
  • Congress works for the banks, not for the people
  • bankers have no personal responsibility.

Here are more links for the same video, albeit shortened:


Gang Stalking World

Mervyn King has a guru according to The Times

There is an interesting article by two economics professors from Boston University which sets out A Banking System we Can Trust.

The Times published a story about one of these professors who has supposedly become a guru for Mervyn King. That’s where I’d like to know whether they also talk about “credit money” in general and quantitative easing as the way of central banks supplying banks with credit money.

For that’s what a guru would propose. Because a guru has spiritual wisdom to offer that is inherently of benefit to mankind.