Financial Fairness for Voters and Taxpayers!

This is our second online petition, targeted at the Treasury Select Committee, combined with a meeting at the House of Commons on April 23 / 24.


2 responses to “Financial Fairness for Voters and Taxpayers!

  1. Bill Clarke

    The Bank of England should take responsibilty for issuing all money (bank credit as well as notes and coins) instead of high street banks creating money (credit) in the form of bank loans (97% of our money supply.

    The amount of new should be rigidly controlled by the Bank so that inflationary pressures are not created, as they are under the present system.

    New money, including credit) should be issued to be spent into the economy by the government for the benefit of society as a whole and not for the profit of private bankers/

  2. Good comment, Bill!

    But I fear that they are just driving their agenda. I heard Joseph Stiglitz say in a Committee that “they don’t care”…

    I guess if you wrote to the BoE, you wouldn’t get an answer.

    But I wonder what would happen, if you asked your MP to write on your behalf???

    Give it a whirl!


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