1964: Motion to Restore the Issue of Money to the Crown

This motion is our historic precedent from 1964. We are not alone with our nine Early Day Motions advocating public credit and freedom from national debt.

What is deplorable is the complete sell-out of the State to the banking system, no matter which Nation State we look at. National Sovereignty has been undermined to such a degree, that it will be hard to re-establish. Maybe that’s what’s meant to be… But maybe it’s here to challenge us to ‘overcome’.

I saw a poster in the tube about the famous author Paulo Coelho and his latest book “The Winner Stands Alone”. The poster says: “Success – the beautiful poison”.

And thus I am reminded of my late husband who said to me when I came to London in 1981: it depends how you measure success. The Japanese measure it in the number of risks taken… And thus I keep taking risks. For what’s the worst that can happen??? Maybe that we die. Well, that will happen no matter what! Hence I might as well do what other people might call a ‘risk’. But it’s just a decision, really.


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