Dear MP

Challenging the Recession – Apr 23/24 – a day after Budget Day – will take place in the Grand Committee Room in the House of Commons.

Sponsored by Bartercard, we will bring together MPs and Lords with a view to grouping complaints and getting the law changed.

MPs ought to get letters from their constituents rather than from us. Here’s an example:

Dear [MP who can be found via WriteToThem]

This is to ask for your help, given the way that I / my family / my business have been hit by the crisis.

In summary, the following has happened:

Might there be any emergency funds that you can let me have access to, so that … ? Might it help if you wrote to the appropriate Minister on my behalf? Is there any advice you can give?

I understand that, by grouping complaints, we can change the law. And I wonder whether you’ve had other constituents with the same problem? It falls under the following category, well beyond my control:

  1. Employment
  2. Enterprise
  3. Mortgage companies mis-behaving
  4. Banks mis-behaving
  5. Other financial organisations mis-behaving
  6. Lawyers not representing my interests
  7. Other:

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