Open Letter to Bank of England and FSA

Cover letter to the CEOOur Chairman Austin Mitchell MP has sent our Open Letter to Mervyn King not only to the Governor of the Bank of England, but also to Hector Sants, the CEO of the Financial Services Authority.

The letter makes three points:

a) false documents are being used to file bankruptcy

b) wealthy individuals are being bankrupted for no valid reason

c) Bank of England accounts are being used as part of insolvency procedures.

The enclosures we provided consist of :

Example of false document

Evidence a: a false document

Evidence a: a false document to file bankruptcy

Evidence b: the cases of three wealthy individuals and references to Guardian articles about a fourth case the story of Patrick Cullinane

Evidence c1: cover page of a legal document of The Insolvency Service

Evidence c2: page 7 of same document relating insolvency accounts to the Bank of England.

Our aim is to group cases to change the law and to enforce the Bank of England Act 1694. This Act was written with the intention to avoid the oppression of Their Majesties’ subjects by the Corporation, i.e. the Bank of England.

Regarding the enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694, Austin Mitchell has tabled Early Day Motion 1297 for MPs to sign, while we are publishing the blog EDM1297 for ‘cases’ to record their story of oppression.

The answer from the FSA is here and from the Bank of England here.


15 responses to “Open Letter to Bank of England and FSA

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  2. Dear Sabine.
    Your open letter to Bank of England
    -3Dec.09. and the issues raised re: Evidence b.

    The case of three wealthy individuals bankrupted on false
    documents etc.

    I was maliciously bankrupted by Crewe & Nantwich Borough
    Council for exposing serious frauds by corrupt solicitors My
    MP Edward Timpson ( a barrister ) is fully aware of the fact
    bankruptcy was used to oppress me !. I had covered a false debt ten times over ! but they still went ahead with malice aforethought.

    Edward Timpson MP is concealing offences, assisting offenders, perverting justice, accessory to torture Art.3 echr.

    I will copy Timpson your e-mail and inform him we intend to name and shame him as a criminal not worthy of Public
    Office. I would appreciate your comments

    Regards Peter Oakes

  3. Dear Peter

    I have just learned through the Libel Reform Campaign that libel law in this country is draconian. So we should be careful, it seems.

    At the same time, I have put your comments up about your MP on

    I think it’s important to stand up and be counted and not to mince our words. But we have to remain as factual and as little emotional as possible at the same time.

  4. Dear Sabine.
    There is no libel or defamation
    so long as you speak the truth !

    I can prove on documents everything I say, I have to
    much respect for you and your campaign to abuse
    it in anyway.

    I can assure you I have been warned about libel by a judge, and Alun Wenham Crewe & Nantwich Borough
    Council and I directly challenged them to go ahead.

    No one will prosecute me for libel because they
    dare not let the public know !

    Regards Peter.

  5. I don’t know whether you’re right in what you’re writing, Peter.

    I’ve just seen this remarkable Libel Reform Campaign with its executive summary and, above all, RECOMMENDATIONS. See

    I actually think that we’ll have to come up with something equivalent, too!

  6. Dear Sabine.
    Libel “the greater the truth the greater the libel”

    Typical British judiciary trickery to deter honest citizens revealing the facts!

    1. Every citizen has a Civic Duty to appear in a jury or as a witness. and to discover crime.

    2. The following is fact !. R-v- Sharpe, R-v-Stringer court of criminal appeal Dec.20. 1937.

    Public justice requires that every attempt to conceal a crime shall be punishable: As To Obstruct The Course Of Justice. See: HALSBURY, Hailsham edition. Vol.9, pp 351-352 para 574. for cases see:
    DIGEST Vol.15,pp, 698-699 nos. 7528. 7548.

  7. You are very confident, Peter! Go for it!

  8. Dear Sabine.

    Please Google Hollie Greig. This is what the law is about in UK. This case has been re-investigated after 14 years.

    Austin Mitchel MP in a house of commons report 1999. exposed serious misgivings on the insolvency process! Is Austin using our valueable time?

    He knew about Ebert type cases 11 years ago.

  9. Dear Peter

    I am looking after my mum until she will leave this planet.

    Austin is always VERY busy and it’s VERY hard to keep on his heels.

    He told us very clearly what we should do. Parliament will be dissolved on April 8, and we’ll have to see whether he’ll be re-elected. What do you want thim to do?


  10. Barbara Richards

    I discovered this thread while trying to find info on Edward Timpson MP. He was at a Barnardos conference, Barnardo’s Counting the Cost of Care conference

    A conference to address the questions:
    Can we fix families in time for the child?
    Can residential care really help?
    Date: Wednesday 20 January 2010
    Time: 10am-4pm
    Venue: Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ

    I am very concerned about this, as John Adam Street has (or used to have) a club underneath in the basement, and they were offering a Concierge Service offering “chimneysweeps”, which appears to be another way of describing little rent boys. Please can you get in touch?

  11. Barbara Richards

    Also, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss used to run an underground nursery in a basement, I think it may have been in the same property. She is working for Cafcass and Barnardos. Barnardos have already had to apologise for abusing children in their care. Butler Sloss was in the House of Lords this morning, arguing the case for taking children inbto care before they get attached to their mothers, and she was also involved in the Staffordshire Pindown cover up. I was a victim of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse scandal.

  12. Barbara Richards


    Dont know if this link will work

  13. To Barbara Richards.
    I am extremely concerned
    concerning Butler- Sloss advocating removing
    young children from their mothers before they
    have formed a mother-child relationship.

    I have the absolute proof Butler-Sloss kidnapped
    a child from Stoke on Trent,

    Myself and others intervened and saved this child
    from being sold, of that I am convinced.

    Google. Royal Commission Enquiry NSW
    ( New South Wales ) police paedophiles.

    NSW Social Services were providing children
    for these paedos.

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  15. Hi Sabine. I was just fishing for info. about my name in the
    Crewe Guardian when I fell into this mess that shook me
    rigid SEE: the comment by Barbara Richards Feb. 4th 2011
    concerning Butler _Sloss running an underground childrens club in
    John Allen St. children refered to as ” Chimney Sweeps ”

    Edward Timpson MP attended a conference there. do you
    think SRA could be involved in this clud. ” we need to define
    “Chimney Sweeps” children are they victims ?

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