Mervyn King’s response

I call it a “fobbing off” letter. Our legal advisor writes “valuable evidence” and one of our victims turned “star fighter” is over the moon because of the inaccuracy it contains. We are still thinking about our response.


3 responses to “Mervyn King’s response

  1. The biggest serious organised crime in England appears to be riddled within the Civil Courts and Court service.

    For Mervyn King to say there is no evidence of Fraud is like the Bank of England accepting monies from a Brinks Matt robber, then saying he has asked the Robber who has investigated and says there is no evidence of any crime !

  2. Good point, Peter,

    The question is what to do about it.

    One of our key advisors proposed to ask:

    “We would be most grateful then to know the authority–statute, case law, custom or privilege–that the Bank of England relies upon to ignore evidence of fraud. There must be a specific answer to this important question, even if the answer is that there is no answer.”

    And thus we keep communicating…

  3. I suggest that you remind Mervyn King that under the Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering regulations he has to report all allegations to the appropriate authorities, otherwise he could be held criminally liable.

    I also suggest that you ask Mervyn King to confirm that he has reported the allegations to the Police Serious Fraud Office. They investigate fraud, not the Civil Courts.

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