Robin Hood Tax to be launched at 0.05am on Wednesday

The Robin Hood Tax is the UK version of the Tobin Tax which was at the beginning of ATTAC in France ten years ago.

As an anti-poverty campaign, it is more pragmatic than the economic theories of Tobin Tax definitions or the political demands of the Attac network.

Supported by a coalition of 48 organisations, the Robin Hood Tax campaign spells out what the income should be spent on.

And in the spirit of our times, it uses Twitter and YouTube.

The video is set to private until the launch, which is set to 0.05am in parallel with the 0.05% tax that Robin Hood wants to take.

Updates are on this page.


One response to “Robin Hood Tax to be launched at 0.05am on Wednesday

  1. You need one absolute tax for all the others to make sense: a 100% top rate of personal income tax.

    Anyone approaching this level would be obliged to find a wider set of priorities than simply getting absurdly richer to the exclusion of all other more vital issues.

    People above this threshold may even find themselves measuring their “success” by what they can CONTRIBUTE more than what they GET.

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