The Rule of Law and the Rule of Money

I have often felt that I learned more about our money system than I ever wanted to learn. But there are people in our society who had to learn more about The Law than they ever wanted to learn. And that is because they’ve been hurt, damaged, harassed, defrauded, tortured, bankrupted, dispossessed, you name it, it’s happened to them.

What voice do they have on their own? Where can they go when they find out that their MP is “part of the gang”?

Our meetings were attended by many such “victims turned starfighters”, and with the new government, we have hope that we can usurp the Rule of Money and let the Rule of Law re-enter. But it’s going to be a long journey!

First steps were

  • a letter to Dr. Vince Cable MP in his new capacity as Secretary of State where we believe he is responsible for the Insolvency Register; it includes at least four fraudulent cases and we ask him to make amends
  • a letter to the Lord Chancellor Kenneth Clarke QC MP whom we ask to ensure that Her Majesty’s Seal is not going to be abused any more as in the four cases cites
  • an article on The Rule of Law and the Rule of Money in the new BlogPaper that publishes in print, if an article is read by more than 100 people and voted into print by at least five. It would be nice if you could register and vote to get the article into print!

And thus we hope that the new Government’s promises can be taken seriously:

  • fairness in the justice system
  • greater support and protection for the victims of crime.

Of course, so far, it is assumed that offenders are not among the judiciary. But the older we become the more we become disillusioned and see the emperor’s clothes for what they are…

If we had Honest Money, we would have honest bankers.

If we didn’t have Dishonest Money, we would have honest politicians.

Meanwhile, we have to live with our creativity and conscience, to survive in a system that is rotten to its core.


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