Coalition of Resistance: a broad united national campaign against cuts and privatisation

Tony Benn and 73 others wrote on 4 August 2010 in The Guardian: The time to organise resistance is now.

We reject these cuts as simply malicious ideological vandalism, hitting the most vulnerable the hardest. Join us in the fight.

I just saw Mark Serwotka’s most remarkable speech on video on the occasion of a Coalition of Resistance rally. To add fuel to everybody’s fires, I would like to draw to your attention:

1.     The economic crisis was an ‘inside job’ – a summary of the film review Inside Job

2.     The analysis of UK Budgets of the last 10 years – revealing the purpose of the ‘crisis’

3.     The growth of interest payments in the austerity budget – the real reason behind the ‘crisis’

4.     I have alerted all members of the Treasury Select Committee to the above items.

5.     As the organiser of the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords and Commons since 1998, I feel that monetary reform as the CAUSE is better understood since;  hence I focussed on the VICTIMS of financial exploitation and legal oppression more recently

6.     Legally, it would be wonderful if people could join forces to enforce the Bank of England Act 1694

7.     Politically, I have been waiting for trade unions to understand the issues at stake:

Hence I’m glad that it is the Public and Commercial Services Union that seems to take the lead in the Coalition of Resistance.


3 responses to “Coalition of Resistance: a broad united national campaign against cuts and privatisation

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  2. David Cameron, & George Osborne should enter the real world. The British people through corrupt Courts, also other organisations are suffering so much, we can’t accept any more.

    The UK needs a Government willing to understand the people who selected them. The UK Citizens have been taken in again, by the money men.

    Now is the time to think again, where do we go from here. I hope that David Cameron, & George Osborne look into the dirt & behind the back dealings costing the UK millions of £s in the wasteful conduct of Wales, Scotland & England, Courts, NHS, PSYCHIATRY, Solicitors etc.

    Especially a Maurice Kirk who is presently a victim of this outrageous corruption, & the total waste of money it is costing the taxpayer.

    During the 10 years he has been harrassed by the Welsh Authorities, including Her Majesty’s Police Force responsible for lies against him.

  3. Thank You, Jean!

    I’m sure your opinion and feelings are shared by MANY!!!

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