Deficit panic – budget austerity and the real cuts agenda


English: The Euro money supply from September ...

New Zealand money supply 1988-2008

The money supply of Australia 1984-2007.





David Blanchflower is the economics editor of the New Statesman and has two other professorships, besides having been a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

His quotes inspired Ken MacIntyre to write these two articles where he puts into economic language and thinking what we monetary reformers have been saying for decades:

1.     Public control of the money supply and credit creation

2.     A financial transactions tax (Robin Hood Tax)

3.     Restoration of controls on all exchange and capital movements across national borders

4.     An end to speculation by banks

5.     Derivative contracts such as swaps to be properly regulated and restricted to the needs of the real economy.

6.     Land value and natural resources taxes.

7.     All traded shares to expire after a fixed period of time. See Steve Keen.

8.     Loans on land and property to be limited to ten times the annual rental value. See Steve Keen.

Deficit Panic I – Budget austerity and the real cuts agenda

Deficit Panic II – Replacing a chronically unstable system

Ken has been a victim of bankruptcy fraud and has attended many meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies.


2 responses to “Deficit panic – budget austerity and the real cuts agenda

  1. The world population which use to be the Eugenics Society stated in 1933 that by the 21st century the population in third world countries must be controled, they have and still are doing that, via their medicince and vaccinations that we have to pay for, but they also need controle of our money, via taxes, vat, death, we cannot even buy a home unless we pay goverment to do so, and then they allow the fraudster with goverment blessings to leave us with nothing, only to face death, and even to be buried costs any thing from a thousand pounds, and goverment are there for the people I dont think so. The population in the UK needs to rise up, as now done in other countries, we need our voices to be heard.

  2. So from the recent riots, it sounds like the uprising has begun, but at a sad loss for many people, it is of no use goverments stating and accusing, it is the young out of controle, perhaps goverments should look at what they have done to a childrens population, starting with the learnings at schools to children aged 5 of sex, as I wrote to Mr Cameron, so are we all going to watch 5 year old kids playing sex instead of with toys, so lets get it right leave children to grow up as children, let fathers have the rights to see their children, let grandparents have the rights we where promised, open the family courts so the truth can be told, and stop the stealing of the children who are growing up with no love or security, stop teaching sex to five year olds and then perhaps many children/girls will not be giving birth from the age of ten to more children taken into a system and growing up with no morals. We need the security of the families given back. Mr Cameron and the rest of them are bought up in cotton wool, what do you all really know of true life, and when people such as i write and tell you of the truth we are ignored most of the time, get your facts then you will not have the uprisings of the mass.
    Maggie Tuttle.

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