SUNDAY SHOCKER: Slog to stand as UTP candidate in UKGE2017

Contrary to the PM’s statement “We don’t have a Money Tree”, every country with a central bank does have one! Except it uses national governments for purposes other than ethical or the public interest.

The excellent ‘slogger’ John Ward talks about this Money Tree, too, in this hilariously biting piece!

The Slog.

Me1 Undiluted Truth Party set for late surge as snap Election delivers slap in face for May, saps resolve of intelligent voters to scrap entire system, but still leaves Waspis strapped for cash 

Dear voters,

Against my own better judgement – but under extreme duress from my followers – I have decided to write myself in as a late entrant for the close-run race in marginal constituency Adverse Camber (North). It is currently held by LibDem MP Betsy Coed, and the result in the 2015 General Election was as follows:

Betsy Coed (LD) 9,409 

Ivor Record (Con) 9,237

T. Ray Dunion (Lab) 8,822

Issentit Lukyoo (WelshNat) 7,478

Wayne Rooney (Monster Lemming Rooney Party) 19

I shall be standing for the Undiluted Truth Party (UTP) an organisation I am proud to say owes no allegiance at all to any existing political Party, any member of the Royal party, the Middleton family party…

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