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MPs sign Early Daily Motion about 100th Anniversary of Bradbury Pound – the UK version of the US Greenback

13 11 22 EDMsHow ominous is this: 13 11 18 EDM 748

  1. Our 13th Early Day Motion (EDM) since 2002 is EDM 748  to celebrate the centenary of the historic UK precedent of ‘treasury money‘ as an alternative to ‘bank money‘.
  2. After Austin Mitchell MP tabled it on 18 Nov 2013,  Kelvin Hopkins MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and Paul Flynn MP signed already!
  3. Besides the centenary for the Bradbury Pound on 7 August 2014, another 100th birthday will take place for World War I on 28 July 2014.

What can we learn from history? Try:

Will you get your MP to sign, too?


TODAY: 99th Anniversary of the Bradbury Pound – historic precedence of Government issued ‘Credit’

I remember reading that Gordon Brown said the Government can either tax or borrow to raise money when he was acting as PM. As if he had forgotten or never knew that governments ought to create money and put it in circulation, if they want to ‘run’ the economy.

BUT: they don’t and don’t seem to want to either.

Here’s a good introductory article: Op-Ed: Debt-free money for 2014?

Here’s a remarkable historic account in 6,000 words: John Bradbury and Thomas Paine.

Here’s a good new video that illustrates the mathematical power of compounding interest upon interest in a debt-based money system: A flaw in the monetary system?

And here are money related petitions you might want to sign:

TREASURY SELECT COMMITTEE has no plans to look into Bringing Back the Bradbury Pound

English: Clockwise from top-left: Federal Rese...

The Bradbury Pound is for the UK what the Greenback is for the US:

  • Cash issued by the Government – rather than Credit borrowed from the Central Bank
  • free of interest – rather than interest-bearing
  • spent by Government
  • rather than banks selling Credit at interest to ‘consumers’.

It is remarkable how ‘economics’ was introduced to obfuscate what ‘money’ is and how bankers have succeeded in getting their Credit accepted as if it was remotely comparable with Government issued Cash.

What is even more remarkable is how ‘people behind the scenes’ have succeeded in setting up more and more central banks via whom to export this fundamental mechanism of Anglo-Saxon hyper-capitalism globally. Iran and Korea are the only countries left.

What hope is there? Let me count the reasons:

  1. Bring Back the Bradbury Pound has started as a voluntary campaign
  2. August 2014 will be the 100th anniversary – so a count-down has begun
  3. The People’s Assemblies Against Austerity have had a major meeting in Central London with a broad base of angry people who don’t buy into ‘austerity’ as a policy that ‘works’.

They have formulated these demands:

  • stop cuts and halt privatisation
  • tax the millionaires and big business
  • drop the debt and put banks under democratic control
  • invest in jobs, homes, public services and the environment. 

Obvious, aren’t they!? Not to the Assistant of the Committee who wrote this letter published here:

The Treasury Committee has no plans to look into this subject in the foreseeable future.

We shall therefore have to educate the assistants and members of the Committee – once again – after we began with Green Credit for Green Purposes in 2008

EDM 1138 on Interest Free Credit

Our latest Early Day Motion (EDM) tabled by Austin Mitchell MP spells it out: Interest-Free Credit is the answer to the lies accumulating from central bankers, bankers and economists.

Honorary Robin Hood Award for Loyal Parliamentarians

Lord Sudeley and Austin Mitchell MPWhen we held a Forum meeting on March 9th, 2010 we awarded both Lord Sudeley and Austin Mitchell MP the Honorary Robin Hood Award.

The Robin Hood Tax, feared by the banks and loved by the poor, is the tip of the changes required to move the iceberg of public debts.

Meeting Lord Sudeley in 1998 was the beginning of Forum meetings in the House of Lords.

Since the House of Lords reform, however, Austin Mitchell MP has been particularly active on our behalf, especially by tabling Early Day Motions in the House of Commons.

Revealed: Labour’s cash for influence scandal

I wish I could talk to the Sunday Times undercover reporter who produced this story on Labour MPs abusing their position:

  • Stephen Byers
  • Patricia Hewitt
  • Geoff Hoon
  • Margaret Moran

I would invite him/her to talk to the victims of financial, legal and judiciary institutions who tell their stories in our various meetings:

At the same time, I hope s/he would appreciate that the real cause is the quality of money that is circulating in the money supply of our nationa. Our chairman Austin Mitchell MP, who has been called the only honest MP, has tabled an Early Day Motion on Interest Free Credit. This is the “obvious” answer, if only the Treasury wanted to solve problems. But which MP understands the issue, while institutions continue to run ‘business as usual’? Might you want to write to your MP?

Tackling HM subjects’ Oppression through the banking system

We are preparing for another meeting at the House of Commons on Tuesday, October 27th, at 3pm.

Please send an email if you plan to attend.

And please feel encouraged to send in your story using this EDM 1297 Case Template. We want to group cases with a view to changing the law.

Letter to the Committee Chairman

03 August 2009

Dear John McFall MP

This is a belated clarification regarding myself in your letter to our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP of March 17. For I am not one of Austin’s constituents, but the organiser of a Forum that has been meeting in both Houses since 1998, as you will see on our archive site Thus it will become clear to you that my opinion is not a personal one, but that I promote the concerns of many.

In fact, our analysis is so significant that a human rights lawyer advised us to “go for Parliamentary scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee”. Hence I’ve attended numerous Committee meetings and gave you a copy of Creating a World without Poverty by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

Continue reading

EDM 1297: the outcome of our last meeting,

Early Day Motion 1297 was tabled by Austin Mitchell MP on April 20th and has been signed by twelve other MPs.

It advocates the enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694 and thus puts the finger on the button of the banking system and its supervisory institution: the Bank of England.

The outcome of our Forum meeting on June 23rd was this new site that gathers complaints with a view to changing the law via Parliament as the highest Court in the Land.

Here are the statements made on the day:

Austin Mitchell MP, Chairman of the Forum for Stable Currencies, next to Brad Meyer who prepared and facilitated the meeting

Roger Lawson, Communications Director, UK Shareholders Association

Eva Adshead who made Case Law as a Victim of RBS and the Legal Aid Board.

Videos for web posterity

The Challenging the Recession event in the Grand Committee Room of the House of Commons united a panel of seven speakers. Thanks to the gift sponsorship by Brad Meyer of Collaboration, we can offer these video recordings:

— the organiser Sabine K McNeill who has, so far, found it impossible to get funding for her company 3D Metrics. The probability is 2.5% according to the founder of the first Venture Capital fund for women.

— the co-founder Lord Sudeley whose greatgrandfather was  bankrupted by Lloyds 100 years ago and whose grandmother’s estate was sold by Lloyds against the interest of the heirs

Derek Wyatt MP who is advocating the internet as a positive solution

Austin Mitchell MP, avid advocator of monetary reform. Three days before the event, Austin tabled Early Day Motion (EDM) 1297: Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694:

That this House, observing that the intention of the founding Act of the Bank of England in 1694 was `that their Majesties’ subjects may not be oppressed by the said corporation’, notes that those subjects have been seriously oppressed by the Bank’s failure to control the greed, risk-taking and speculation of the banking system over which it presides; and therefore suggests that this oppression should be dealt with as the Act provides by fines three times the value of the abusive trading.

Since Austin travels to the US this week, David Taylor MP will try to turn the message of the EDM into an Amendment to the Budget. As briefing, we pointed David Taylor MP to these banking issues – the ways of oppressing Her Majesty’s subjects.

— Michael Grimsdale ACIB, a former Lloyds Bank Manager who is helping victims of legal and financial exploitation

— Abdallah Homouda, a British / Egyptian journalist and TV commentator

Wayne Sharpe, founder of Bartercard – using ‘Trade Pounds’ as ‘stable currency’

[not yet available]

Princess Helena Gagarin-Moutafian MBE, a Russian princess who has worked charitably for 55 years – closing on a spiritual note.


Follow-up action takes place online via Room 14 – a foundation for change.

The slides that I presented are here.