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Submissions to the Treasury Select Committee:

  • Our submission to the Committee’s inquiry into the banking crisis – January 2009

Petitioning the Treasury Select Committee:

Blogs about our areas of interest:

Focussing on climate change:

Focussing on the larger picture of Capitalism:

The Web History of the Forum for Stable Currencies:

Contributing to the Democratisation of Solving Complex Problems:

Explaining National Debts in German:


2 responses to “Web Links

  1. Dear Sabine,

    I have read some of the articles on this site and find them of interest.

    The reason for approaching you is that I too have been a victim of judicial fraud.

    In my case the judge was creating rights for my opposite number which were non existant. In the process, he breached, in addition to his duty to give legal certainty to the matter being adjudicated he went further.
    He breached EU Law
    on Internal Market/ Free movement of Capital
    On Discrimination and Equal Treatment
    On Reverse Discrimination vis a vis an entity of the EU
    Human Rights
    Article 1, 6, 8 13, 14 & Article 1 of Protocol 1

    Breach of an Act of Parliament
    Taken away a statutory right conferred by an Act of Parliament i.e to register a legal charge entered into by the chargor. £1.2 million

    Now the trial judge albeit a different one relying on a previous judge fraudulent injunction converted a clear debt owed to me into a claim for damages of £3.5 m for the other side.

    If ever there was a clear cut case of judicial impropriety this will rank as one of them, where we can point a finger at at least 7 High Court Masters, 5 High Court Judges, the Vice Chancellor, 6 Court of Appeal Judges 2 masters and numerous staff of the CA and perhaps even the Lord Chief Justice.

    They are all working under instruction to keep me away from exposing a corrupt judgement and make me bankrupt and make a civil restraint order.

    I have sent sufficient material to the Attorney General’s office. He says go to the Police.

    Can we do something on this with the immense experience that you have.

    Your response in the matter will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Nitin Sampat

    We have emails communication between 2 judges and the vice chancellor.

  2. I’m sending you an email as a response.

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