Economic Democracy

Economic democracy can only be achieved

  • by governments spending interest-free money to fuel the real economy, instead of borrowing to bailout the financial economy
  • through freedom from National Debts which governments use to borrow money at interest (as Credit), when they could issue money interest-free (as Cash)
  • by finding a mechanism to create the interest that is necessary to service any credit, be it “public” (or national) or private
  • by redressing the imbalance of the Cash : Credit ratio in the money supply. More on Money as Debt also Known as Credit and on Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch .

The Debt Management Office was created after Labour got into power in 1997 to “institutionalise” the National Debt.  To influence such deeply engrained administrative procedures, is a great challenge.

But when the Treasury Select Committee staged its inquiry into the Stern Report, we submitted our evidence as Green Credit for Green Purposes – Changing the Cash : Credit Ratio in the Money Supply to Ameliorate Climate Change.

Fortunately, more and more people understand the problems and may make a difference at the right level of financial, political or media institution.

Meanwhile, we submitted evidence to the inquiry into the banking crisis and focus on victims and sufferers of the crisis asking for Financial Fairness.


5 responses to “Economic Democracy

  1. I think what this website is trying to achieve is very noble and worthy of praise, the problem is that I feel it does not deal with the root cause of all of the problems you speak of, the root problem is that money exists at all, it is now disgustingly old fasioned, barbaric and inhumane. Money really is “the root of all evil”, it rewards people for being selfish, greedy, corrupt and wasteful, it also requires the majority of people to be involved in jobs that are monotonous and degrading to humanity and despite what people think it does not reward peoples skills, the richest people on this planet are the most corrupt and ruthless people in exsitence. We are now technologically advanced enough to have away with money forever.

    I’d like to apolagise if my point of view seems extreme but I feel I had to mention my outlook on what “money” is, before I continue on this topic in particular.

    Above you mention Economic Democracy and how it can be achieved, in my view an Economic Democracy would mean you get to choose an alternative form of economics i.e. a science, technology or resource based economy. I don’t believe there is any “sweet spot” that can be achieved in a world that still revolves around money.

    But as I said earlier i’m glad to see people like yourselves are trying to make a change.

    Thank you

  2. Dear Carl,

    I agree, I agree, I agree!

    I just feel that everybody ‘could’ make a difference, each on their level. However, what is becoming more and more apparent is the fact that those who SHOULD make a difference, don’t.

    That’s what is sad.

    But trust me to continue to make as small (or big) a difference I can possibly make.

    With many thanks for your comment,


  3. Interesting blog !

    I dont think it was “money” per se – that would constitute the the root of all evil, but it is rather the human greed for money that is the evil thing – and i.e. outlawed by most religions…

    As I see it, the author Richard. C. Cook seems to have the most progressive approach to monetary reform. Please check out his website

    His approch seems quite similar to yours, Sabine

  4. Thanks, Lars, yes. I guess that different cultures and different “Aha experiences” or insights and realisations make us share our understanding in different ways.

    One thing is for sure: it is REMARKABLE how few people seem to think about this, let alone find it “interesting”… Actually, capitalism should be called “interestism”… For it’s all about “vested interests” – a term that was foreign to me when I came to London in 1989. Since then, I’ve learned A LOT about it!…

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