Judiciary Issues

One of the groups of people who help other victims of financial, legal and judiciary fraud is CASIA, Complaints Against Solicitors, Action for Independent Adjudication.

They recently referred to the following errors that were identified by the independent legal researcher Suzon Forscey-Moore, when she worked on her dissertation “Making Demons: Summing Up in Miscarriages of Justice in Crown Courts of England & Wales” in 2001:

  1. The Smoke & Mirrors Error: The creation of confusion through irrelevant complications.
  2. The House of Cards Error: The propping up of a feeble case.
  3. The Mantra Error: The repetition of a false story line.
  4. The Butcher’s Thumb Error: Giving undeserved weight to one side
  5. The Absent Caveat Error: Biased and unqualified statements.
  6. The Undeserved Authority Error: Unquestioning acceptance and reinforcement of misleading and/or incorrect information.
  7. The Coach & Horses Error: & The wrongful elimination of an argument or evidence.
  8. The Demeanour Error: Drawing negative attention to irrelevant personal characteristics.
  9. The Pantomime Error:  Eliciting a conspiratorial response.
  10. The Straining at Gnats/Swallowing Whales Error: Treating the normal as preposterous and accepting the preposterous as normal.

Suzon found 10 different types of judicial error in nine criminal prosecutions, and some of the cases had multiple errors. She would have liked to examine civil cases, too, but she was not allowed to proceed with a PhD.

She now refers to these discoveries as “inconvenient truths”…


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