Law Making Issues

On the monetary front, concerning the national currency and the money supply supervised by the Bank of England, there are the following issues we like to see addressed:

  1. The Bank of England Act 1694 was written with the intention that “their Majesties subjects may not be oppressed…”
  2. An Early Day Motion by Henry Kerby MP in 1964 asked to restore the issue of currency to the Crown, for the same reasons that we’ve been advocating public credit and freedom from national debt
  3. Since January 2007, we’ve been lobbying the Treasury Select Committee to investigate the money supply and its Cash : Credit Ratio through our written submission of evidence Green Credit for Green Purposes
  4. Since June 2008, we’ve been lobbying with the on-line petition Stop the Cash Crumble to Equalize the Credit Crunch with the short web address

On the consumer front, we should be protected against:

  1. fraudulent mis-selling of mortgages (at present, intent to defraud must be proven)
  2. variable interest rates which always go up but never come down (why is the consumer stuck with 20+% on their credit cards when the Bank of England has all but abolished interest?)
  3. noto being allowed class actions (we have yet to create the Worshipful Company of Distressed Borrowers)
  4. it may sound ridiculous but supermarket practices such as BOGOF (buy one get one free) benefit the better-off and infuriate the rest of us who have limited storage space.

The whole disconnect between Parliament as a law making process and the constituents on the ground is illustrated by the briefing entitled The Abolition of Freedom Act 2009, produced thanks ot the Convention on Modern Liberty on What We’ve Lost.


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