We want to make sure that

  • people who have suffered or are suffering realise that they are not alone
  • MPs, with whom people may have made contact, realise that they are not the only one in Parliament
  • so that, together, we get the attention of the Treasury Select Committee and of Ministers, with the goal of changing the law.

For witnesses who give evidence before the Committee have, so far, never originated from the ‘general public’, i.e. borrowers, bankrupts and sufferers from ‘the system’ on the legal and / or financial level.

While the overall topics are Financial Fairness and Challenging the Recession for Thursday and Friday, April 23rd/24th, we may also organise an earlier meeting at Westminster, if you want to join us.

Here’s a text that you can send it to your MP:

Dear MP [who can be found via WriteToThem]

This is to ask for your help, given the way that I / my family / my business have been hit by the crisis.

Might there be any emergency funds that you can let me have access to, so that … ? Might it help if you wrote to the appropriate Minister on my behalf? Is there any advice you can give?

In detail, the following has happened:

I understand that, by grouping complaints, we can change at least the law. And I wonder whether you’ve had other constituents with the same problem? It falls under the following category, well beyond my control:


  • Job lost after … years
  • Job lost after … years – with unacceptable alternative offered


  • Credit facilities withdrawn
  • Asset stripping
  • Unnecessary bankruptcy

Mortgage company

  • Overcharging
  • Repossessing home / business premises


  • Overcharging personal / business account
  • Not providing financial facilities as before

Other financial organisations

  • Lending company providing unfair contract
  • Insurance company
  • Pension fund


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely

Otherwise, do send an email to sabine at


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