On behalf of Victims

Class action is the task to get justice for those concerned now.

See Once Voice Action Group as an example.

Grouping complaints is our challenge for changing the law to prevent similar things from happening in the future.

In the US, Americans for Fairness in Lending are organising The Fed Wants to Hear from You About Overdraft Loans. A former Lloyds bank manager says: if that is pertinent in the USA, it is at least double the problem here.


4 responses to “On behalf of Victims

  1. We need a class action, if we the victims are to get justice.
    Maggie Tuttle

  2. Good point, Maggie!

    I’ve been trying to “group cases to change the law” ever since I began to focus on victims with http://www.rm14.wordpress.com and http://www.edm1297.info.

    To gather one-page summaries is one big hurdle.

    To class them the next.

    To write Particulars of Claim and to lodge them WHERE the real challenge.

    Any proposals???

  3. Yes, let’s start a campaign and get people to sign a petition for change in the laws.

    I will add this to my web site http://www.themissingmillionsofsouthend.com.

    If we come together with the support of MPs as well, just maybe under the laws of the international courts of human rights, we may get somewhere and a class action, my god, is it needed, don’t have to rob the banks with guns any more.


  4. Well, Maggie, petitions are one thing, class actions another.

    I’ve published four petitions so far and their comments speak volumes! See http://bit.ly/fL9gP1

    But, so far, the authorities “just take note”. We have to come up with all sorts of ideas along all sorts of avenues, methinks.

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