Rothschild Stage Revolutions in Tunesia and Egypt to kill Islamic Banks

This is an excellent article written by a very interesting author, the “captive wolf” who publishes a German blog against the New World Order. It’s long and very well researched and ends in large print with this:

The Rothschilds want North African Muslims to borrow from Rothschild banks and pay interest at rates the Rothschild central bank decides:
they do not want them to be able to borrow from Islamic banks and not pay any interest.

The Rothschilds want Muslims to trade their present political oppression at the hands of brutal dictators for future economic serfdom under the control of banker Lord Rothschild.

“Becoming ecnomic serfs” is the purpose…

Deficit panic – budget austerity and the real cuts agenda


English: The Euro money supply from September ...

New Zealand money supply 1988-2008

The money supply of Australia 1984-2007.





David Blanchflower is the economics editor of the New Statesman and has two other professorships, besides having been a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

His quotes inspired Ken MacIntyre to write these two articles where he puts into economic language and thinking what we monetary reformers have been saying for decades:

1.     Public control of the money supply and credit creation

2.     A financial transactions tax (Robin Hood Tax)

3.     Restoration of controls on all exchange and capital movements across national borders

4.     An end to speculation by banks Continue reading

News from the Robin Hood Tax Campaign

The Campaign is an admirable effort to do something about the extremes that bankers and central bankers have pushed the world to.

Here are the news of the last general meeting and here is a list of media coverage during January 2011.

The New World Order = “International Finance” or “Rebooting the Empire”

I am not alone any more as Cassandra who sees what most of the world is not able or willing to see yet: the Global Financial Elite tries to establish a “New World Order” by ruling with “credit from thin air” – using organisations and “authorities” such as governments, the military and police forces to impose their controls and wars…

But this artist Harris Gleckman does! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Rebooting the Empire

An Open Letter to Ron Paul from Benjamin Fulford

Benjamin Fulford is a remarkable Canadian / Japanese journalist who, according to Wikipedia, has published wonderfully startling claims.

Here he writes to Congressman Ron Paul to explain why the Federal Reserve – Board needs to be abolished and the global financial architecture needs to be revamped.

Excellent reading!!!

Terrorist Asset-Freezing Bill – Call for Evidence by the Public Bill Committee’s Scrutiny Unit

This Call for Written Evidence came to me from the Scrutiny Unit of the Public Bill Committee and presses all sorts of buttons. I’ve never had that privilege before, even though I’ve made a number of submissions to different Committees before.

But I think I shall make another submission, as now they will be published on websites which means they are more accessible than in a book and on a CD as before.

Meanwhile, do consider making your submission, too!

You’ve got to get to the stage in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing.

This is another ‘tweet’ by Twitter user GandhiSaysPeace.

Great to start another day on the web, while seeing also the birds in the sky…

Coalition of Resistance: a broad united national campaign against cuts and privatisation

Tony Benn and 73 others wrote on 4 August 2010 in The Guardian: The time to organise resistance is now.

We reject these cuts as simply malicious ideological vandalism, hitting the most vulnerable the hardest. Join us in the fight.

I just saw Mark Serwotka’s most remarkable speech on video on the occasion of a Coalition of Resistance rally. To add fuel to everybody’s fires, I would like to draw to your attention:

1.     The economic crisis was an ‘inside job’ – a summary of the film review Inside Job

2.     The analysis of UK Budgets of the last 10 years – revealing the purpose of the ‘crisis’

3.     The growth of interest payments in the austerity budget – the real reason behind the ‘crisis’

Continue reading

To rob a country, own a bank

The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own OneFormer bank regulator and lawyer Prof. William K Black, author of The best way to rob a bank is to own one speaks on this video about the systematic fraud that has been going on in the US.

Big differences to the UK? After all, former Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee John McFall is “set to become director of new bank”

Douglas Carswell MP Introduces Bill to Stop Fractional Reserve Banking

The 10-minute rule bill as read here will be read again on Friday, November 19th, 2010.

Douglas Carswell MP aims at Honest money and sound banking.

Hence he doesn’t address the problem of national or public debts, but little steps for little feet!