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Deficit panic – budget austerity and the real cuts agenda


English: The Euro money supply from September ...

New Zealand money supply 1988-2008

The money supply of Australia 1984-2007.





David Blanchflower is the economics editor of the New Statesman and has two other professorships, besides having been a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

His quotes inspired Ken MacIntyre to write these two articles where he puts into economic language and thinking what we monetary reformers have been saying for decades:

1.     Public control of the money supply and credit creation

2.     A financial transactions tax (Robin Hood Tax)

3.     Restoration of controls on all exchange and capital movements across national borders

4.     An end to speculation by banks Continue reading


What we’ve been up to

The Forum is a voluntary Initiative of Parliamentarians and Concerned Citizens across the full political spectrum and from all religious persuasions.

Having come together at the House of Lords since 1998, the Forum has debated the following issues:

Early Day Motions (EDMs)

EDM 1515 – 2001-02 – Using the Public Credit

EDM 854 – 2002-03 – Publicly Created Money and Monetary Reform

EDM 323 – 2003-04 – Public Credit for Public Purposes

EDM 327 – 2004-05 – Use of Public Credit for Public Works

EDM 743 – 2004-05 – Interest Free Money

EDM 390 – 2005-06 – Publicly-Created Money

EDM 408 – 2006-07 – Public Credit for Public Purposes

EDM 265 – 2007-08 – Green Credit for Green Growth

EDM 1449 – 2008-09 – Taxing the Profits of Credit Creation

Summary of points made in Early Day Motions– 2 pages

Submissions to Public Committee Inquiries

1. Economic Affairs Committee – House of Lords

a. The Global Economy – 2002

2. Treasury Select Committee – House of Commons

a. The Stern Report – 2007

b. The Banking Crisis – 2009

3. Environmental Audit Committee – House of Commons

a. Financing Adaptation to Climate Change on Local, Regional and National Levels in the Post-Kyoto Context – 2008

4. United Nations Development Programme – 2007

Independent Reports