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Revealed: Labour’s cash for influence scandal

I wish I could talk to the Sunday Times undercover reporter who produced this story on Labour MPs abusing their position:

  • Stephen Byers
  • Patricia Hewitt
  • Geoff Hoon
  • Margaret Moran

I would invite him/her to talk to the victims of financial, legal and judiciary institutions who tell their stories in our various meetings:

At the same time, I hope s/he would appreciate that the real cause is the quality of money that is circulating in the money supply of our nationa. Our chairman Austin Mitchell MP, who has been called the only honest MP, has tabled an Early Day Motion on Interest Free Credit. This is the “obvious” answer, if only the Treasury wanted to solve problems. But which MP understands the issue, while institutions continue to run ‘business as usual’? Might you want to write to your MP?


Dear MP

Challenging the Recession – Apr 23/24 – a day after Budget Day – will take place in the Grand Committee Room in the House of Commons.

Sponsored by Bartercard, we will bring together MPs and Lords with a view to grouping complaints and getting the law changed.

MPs ought to get letters from their constituents rather than from us. Here’s an example:

Dear [MP who can be found via WriteToThem]

This is to ask for your help, given the way that I / my family / my business have been hit by the crisis.

In summary, the following has happened:

Might there be any emergency funds that you can let me have access to, so that … ? Might it help if you wrote to the appropriate Minister on my behalf? Is there any advice you can give?

I understand that, by grouping complaints, we can change the law. And I wonder whether you’ve had other constituents with the same problem? It falls under the following category, well beyond my control:

  1. Employment
  2. Enterprise
  3. Mortgage companies mis-behaving
  4. Banks mis-behaving
  5. Other financial organisations mis-behaving
  6. Lawyers not representing my interests
  7. Other:

What we’ve been up to

The Forum is a voluntary Initiative of Parliamentarians and Concerned Citizens across the full political spectrum and from all religious persuasions.

Having come together at the House of Lords since 1998, the Forum has debated the following issues:

Early Day Motions (EDMs)

EDM 1515 – 2001-02 – Using the Public Credit

EDM 854 – 2002-03 – Publicly Created Money and Monetary Reform

EDM 323 – 2003-04 – Public Credit for Public Purposes

EDM 327 – 2004-05 – Use of Public Credit for Public Works

EDM 743 – 2004-05 – Interest Free Money

EDM 390 – 2005-06 – Publicly-Created Money

EDM 408 – 2006-07 – Public Credit for Public Purposes

EDM 265 – 2007-08 – Green Credit for Green Growth

EDM 1449 – 2008-09 – Taxing the Profits of Credit Creation

Summary of points made in Early Day Motions– 2 pages

Submissions to Public Committee Inquiries

1. Economic Affairs Committee – House of Lords

a. The Global Economy – 2002

2. Treasury Select Committee – House of Commons

a. The Stern Report – 2007

b. The Banking Crisis – 2009

3. Environmental Audit Committee – House of Commons

a. Financing Adaptation to Climate Change on Local, Regional and National Levels in the Post-Kyoto Context – 2008

4. United Nations Development Programme – 2007

Independent Reports