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QQ: The Queen’s Question

The Queen’s question is being made topical: at the London School of Economics she asked why nobody foresaw the crisis. Eventually, the British Academy invited a few people and wrote an official answer with the explanation of a “lack of collective imagination of many bright people to understand the risks to the system as a whole”. What a way to wash HM’s eyes!

Here is a letter sent by ten economists.

And here is a list of our letters to her, which all got kind and polite responses.

HM servants in the Treasury have, however, not responded to our documents. She forwarded them to Downing Street who passed them over to the Treasury.

Queen 08 11 05 Re: Restoring the Issue of Currency to the Crown

Queen 08 12 10 Re: Restoring the Issue of Currency to the Crown

Queen 09 02 09 Re: Theire Majesties Subjects may not be oppressed by the Bank of England

Queen 09 03 27 Re: Sell-out of Your Nation’s Assets while bankrupting the real economy


The Queen deserves an Answer

“Why did no one see it coming?” asked the Queen when she opened the New Academic Building at the London School of Economics.

The Guardian sponsored an event where a panel addressed this question, and Simon Jenkins who writes for the Guardian has these two articles on the subject:

Nov. 12, 08: It’s not only the Queen. We’re all screaming for an answer.

Nov. 18, 08: I did not stammer when the Queen asked me about the meltdown.

My analysis is on The Problems in a Nutshell.